Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keeping Track of Memories

My boys are the sweetest creatures - a good part of the time, anyway. I haven't done
such a great job keeping track of them. When Jackson was born, I set out to scrap every
moment. We have pictures galore of him. Boxes full of pictures fill even larger boxes in the
basement, just waiting to be carefully placed into beautiful scrapbooks.

When Carter came along, I was busy with Jackson and took pictures, but not as many. I also
bought a business which took every spare minute of my time. Therefore, there are pictures
of Carter, although not multiple boxes full. No scrapbooks of Carter have even been started.

Then there was Harrison and it has been a blur since then. He's got a few pictures and I don't
think a scrapbook or baby book has even been purchased for him.

Knowing how fast time is flying by, I am so aware of all the things that have happened and I
don't have anything written down. That's not true. I do have some, but not much at all.
I'm going to start blogging about the kids to help get it
written. Then, when there's time, I'll go back through all the pictures and try to put things
together. I'll keep track of the posts by child, which will hopefully help me in the end.
This may mean more than one post a day, depending on what is happening. Hope you enjoy
reading about them.

The pictures above are Jackson on a fire truck in West Plains. He was 3 and he was on his
very first field trip with his preschool. Harrison is with Nana just after he was born.
Carter is a dragon for Halloween in October of 2007. He was 2 1/2.

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  1. Have you heard of blurb?
    It will turn your blog into a bound book! I'm planning on doing it after my first year of blogging, or maybe sooner. I think it sounds awesome. I am NOT a scrapbooker or any of that, so the blog is it for me.