Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jackson Lost His Last Front Tooth!

Jackson lost his last front tooth over this past weekend. We were in West Plains when the big event took place. He lost the other one on top about a week ago after he got kicked in the face while we were swimming in the pool. That was a little dramatic, but he recovered and has a great story to tell. After that one came out, he started wiggling the other one. Once he realizes they are loose, he's pretty determined to get it out. The very first tooth he lost came out in just one afternoon!

He doesn't look completely toothless because the permanent teeth are already coming in. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if they would ever fall out or not. He's just starting second grade and most kids have lost their front teeth by now.

Braces, and maybe even more difficult dental work, are definately in his future. Unfortunately, it looks like he got some bad dental genes. He's missing a couple permanent teeth, which is going to mean some sort of reconstruction of current baby teeth or constructing new ones to implant where the permanent ones should be. And, the ones he has are already crowded. We'll deal with that later, though.

For now, he is happy to have blessed the tooth fairy with another gem for her collection.

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