Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Tomatoes

My first tomatoes!

The tomato plants are my favorite, so I decided to give them a whole post of their own.
I'm so excited to have fresh tomatoes of my own right outside my back door!  Yum!

I have five plants in the back yard in large plastic tubs.  We drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and filled them with the same mix we used in the garden boxes.  However, I did add one scoop of fertilizer in the center of the bucket about 10-12 inches below the plant.   We bought wire fencing at a hardware store to make our cages, which fit wonderfully inside the buckets.

I found heirloom plants at Wal-Mart and Nixa Hardware.  I've got a Cherokee Purple, Brandy Wine, Mr. Stripe, Orange Oxheart and a Yellow Pear.  The pear isn't doing so well, but everything else looks great.  We've got baby green tomatoes on all plants and a ton of flowers.  Mr. Stripey has grown to the top of the cage already, which is four feet tall!  The Orange Oxheart isn't too far behind.

I did start some tomatoes from seed and those plants are up on the deck.  I didn't start them soon enough, so they are alot farther behind.  I'll know better next year.

 Brandy Wine      Mr. Stripey & Orange Oxheart

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  1. I'll try this again... Hi from central MO! Love your garden, and the idea about tomatoes in plastic tubs is great! My tomatoes are about the same stage as yours, and I can't wait. I started heirloom seeds this year for the first time (discovered Baker Creek also this year), so I'm really anxious to see how everything turns out. Happy Gardening!