Monday, August 31, 2009

Taking The Challenge

Owlhaven has become one of my favorite blogs. Mary is taking the month of September to focus on spending as little as possible. Her family includes 9 adopted children from all over the world and she is going to try to spend only $75 each week for groceries. Of course, she's challenged the rest of us to step up and join her.

I've been trying to curtail the grocery budget for a while now, anyway, so I thought this might be fun. I've actually been doing pretty well the past few weeks, but I'm going to try to do even a little better for the next month.

Before we moved, I was in a habit of grocery shopping on Fridays, which I like. However, our routine is different now that we are in the new house and homeschooling. We've also taken on a different approach to budgeting, so the Friday thing just isn't going to work for now. That's ok.

We've decided to alot X amount of dollars per pay period for each of our expenditures, which includes groceries. We'll be paying with cash only. No debit cards. It's incredible the psychological effect cash has vs. the debit card, even though I know the "cash" is coming right out of my checking account when I use the card. I'm completely stingy with the greenbacks.

Doug got paid today, so I went grocery shopping for the week. Honestly, I wanted to spend less than $50. I didn't make it, but only overspent by about $8. That's still not bad and much better than what we've spent in the past. Here's what I got from Food 4 Less (I really hate the multi-store approach):

Not pictured: a gallon of milk

Gallon of milk - 2.78

Trix yogurt - 2.58 (I HATE this yogurt, but the kids go nuts for it. I'm thinking of making my own. We'll see.)

Coffee Creamer - 2.06 (I know I could live without it, but I really want to enjoy my new deck & need the creamer for the great coffee I'm going to have on these great mornings)

Honey Buns - 1.28 (Another splurge. Should've left these at the store)
Smart Chicken Breasts - 5.07 (Could've bought cheaper, but really would prefer organic. This is my compromise)

Cheerios - 2.68
Coffee - 2.98
Mushroom Soup - 1.24
Chicken broth - 2.87
Hot Dog Buns - .76
Apple Juice - 1.16
Green Beans - 2 @ .48
Sliced pineapple - .98
Alfredo Sauce - 2.98 (Jackson won't eat the red sauce.....what's a mom to do?)
Toilet paper - 4.78
Hot Dogs - .98 (Doug's choice for lunch. He doesn't seem to care about the nitrites...ugh)
Broccoli crowns - 4.11
Peaches - 2.21
Grapes - 2.12
Spinach - 1.98
Bag of onions - 1.38
Celery - .98
5# bulk carrots - 3.25
Baby carrots - 2.28 (Seems redundant, but the kids LOVE the baby carrots)
Raisins - 1.58


I went over the $50 goal, but considering I got a few extras I'm ok with that. I could've been under $50 if I'd left the coffee & creamer, yogurt, honey buns and made Jackson suffer with no alfredo. A few of these things will probably last into next week, so maybe I can make up for it then.


  1. Good Luck in the challenge! It's gonna be tough but here's hoping all of us challengers can do it!

  2. I popped over from Mary's blog to check out a fellow challenger. I am enjoying reading your other posts as well. I am trying to decipher your family life and it seems like we have much in common. I have 4 little ones ages 5, 4, 2, and 9 months. We officially began homeschooling this year as my oldest is in K. We are looking forward to the adventure for sure.

    I will check in again to see how you are doing with your goal!!