Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grocery Shopping Challenge - part 2

Well, although I whole heartedly want to be successful with this grocery shopping challenge, I failed to take into account that yesterday was my toddler's 2nd birthday.  Ouch.  The groceries I purchased last week sufficed for our family, but I hadn't thought about my parents and siblings coming for the holiday weekend for the birthday celebration.  Nor had I decided what to do about Harrison's party cake and/or decorations.

I figured I would try as best I could to use what I had on hand and purchase as little as possible.  My mom and her husband came Saturday morning.  The rest of the crew showed up Saturday afternoon and evening.  My mom purchased most of the groceries for Saturday evening's meal in honor of my birthday, which was a few weeks ago.  That was a life/money-saver.  Thanks, Mom!!

Everyone was here Sunday and the menu for the day looked like this:

Breakfast - eggs and toast, juice and coffee
Late Lunch around 2:00 - grilled porkchops, baked potatoes, baked beans, salad
Dinner - leftover buffet

I did have to buy some groceries.  Here's what we got.  I didn't have a meal plan or a good list, so I tried to do it in my head while I went.  Not a good idea.  I got everything at Dillon's and purchased the Kroger brand when I could.  This is food for the weekend and next week.  I know I'll have to go back for milk, bread, eggs and butter at some point.

Milk - 2.59
1# hamburger - 1.53  (saved $1 w/Plus card)
Pork chops - 7.52 (buy 1 get 1 free, saved $6.92 w/card)
Pork loin - $7.44 (saved $3.74 w/card)
Ramen noodles - $1
Mac n cheese - 2 @ .39
Saltines - .88
Sour Cream - 1.16
Fruit loops - .99
Peas - .63
Elbow macaroni - .78
Baked beans - 1.59  (saved .06 w/card)
Crisco - 2.55
Grean beans - .63
Peanut butter - 1.29
Powdered sugar - 1.75
Mustard - .89  (saved .10 w/card)
Dried pinto beans - 2.19
Hotdog buns - .88
Hamburger buns - .88
Eggs - 1.59
Total w/tax - $41.06
I also made a last minute trip to Wal-Mart before the party for a few party things, Wilton food coloring and candy to finish decorating the cake.  That total was around $18
So, the total for the weekend and hopefully most of next week is right at $60.  Still not too bad, considering I've fed more than just our family and had a birthday party.

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