Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is Life Really Simple?

Yes and no.  Mostly no, I think, with a little yes sprinkled here and there.  Even things that you think are simple turn out not to be as simple as you think.

When I named this blog I was thinking of simplifying my life and getting organized.  Getting rid of clutter.  Selling stuff I didn't want or need.  Downsizing.  Organizing the pantry and grocery shopping.  Planning meals.  Growing some of our own produce.  Keeping better track of the kids and journaling as things happened.

Well, I can't say I have completely accomplished all of that list, but I have decided that my life is not simple, nor is it ever going to be.  That's ok.  God didn't promise me a simple life.  He did, though, promise life more abundantly if I live for Him.  The process of "simplifying" and downsizing has brought us to a place that we have a new realization for just what we really do and really don't need.

The truth is, we really don't need much.  That part is simple.

What our family has decided we need most is a life focused on what God created us for - to serve Him by serving others.  We want to be the hands of feet of Jesus in this life He has given us.  We have become passionate about those in our world who are helpless and need, so desperately, for someone to show them Jesus' love in action.

Matthew 10:38-39 says that we will find life when we lose our own.  Doug and I have made a decision to try to live that scripture out in our lives very intentionally on a daily basis.  I'm not sure how simple that will be.  Sometimes more so than others, I expect.  For that reason, I've created a new blog where I'm going to journal about what we're doing and how we are serving.

I'm excited about all that He has in store for our family!   I hope you join us on "Our Journey To Life".

I'm going to keep this blog going for now.  If keeping up with both is too much, then I'll just blog about everything over there.   We'll see.

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