Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grocery Challenge - Part 3

My grocery challenge in going pretty well, I think.  Last week was the hardest so far, because of the birthday party.  I did go a little over what I planned on spending, in part due to taking advantage of some sales on meat last Wednesday.  That, however, has made a big difference in our spending for this week.

So far this week, I've spent about $33 or so.  I spent $26 at Aldi stocking up on produce, milk and eggs.  I also spent $7 at Dillon's buying a few things I forgot at Aldi.  We have plenty of meat for the week as well as fruits and veggies, eggs and breakfast supplies.

I am leaving on Thursday evening to go to a retreat with our church.  Hopefully, the boys will not eat pizza too often while I'm gone. :)

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