Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden Lessons #1

This year was my very first gardening experience. I've never even been able to grow a house plant successfully, so I tried to keep my expectations low in an effort to avoid disappointment. I discovered, thought, that the garden has been so rewarding even though we've struggled and even failed with a few things.

We are getting ready to move, so I thought that before we tore the garden up for the summer, I'd jot down a few things I want to remember when we replant at the new house.

  • Start seeds much earlier next year. Use newspaper to make potting cups and begin in early spring.
  • Six inches of soil wasn't enough. All my plants grew, but they are root-bound. I have beautiful green plants but don't feel like they are yielding as much produce as they should. Not sure if this is the reason or not, but I'll plant deeper next season.
  • I like the square foot design and will do the raised bed system again.
  • I need one whole square for zucchini and squash.
  • I like the tomatoes in buckets. Next year add more draining holes and place buckets on casters so they are easy to move.
  • Horn worms are disgusting and they will devour tomatoes and peppers...quickly!
  • The DE (ditamaceous earth) worked to prevent other pests. I used it about once a week. If it wasn't the DE, then I just got lucky. Other than the hornworms, I've had no other pest problems.
  • Start composting.

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