Friday, July 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping Success!

Well, I did it! I'm really excited that I set out with a very specific plan and accomplished my goal. the kids behavior in the store was a little less than desirable, but the bill was well under budget. The grand total was $40.66. This includes three meals a day for a week plus snacks and a couple extras that weren't on my list. Yea!

I did go to two different stores, but I still completed the entire trip and made it back home in about an hour.

At the bread store I got:

Syrup - 1.89
100% whole wheat bread - 1.00
Whole wheat English muffins - .75
French bread - 1.00

Bread Store Total = $4.81

At Aldi I got:

Boneless-skinless chicken breasts - 5.49
Bag of carrots - .99
2 cucumbers - .98
Apple juice - 1.39
Blueberries - .99
2 pkg broccoli crowns - 1.98
3# bag of apples - 2.99
Red seedless grapes - 2.98
Bing cherries - 1.49
Instant mashed potatoes - .87
Cereal - 1.69
Salmon - 3.99
Milk - 2.22
Kitchen trash bags - 6.29

Aldi Total = $35.85

I have to say that it was a little difficult to stick to the list. I added a few things because I forgot to put them on the list. I feel really good about it. A week of meals for under $50 is great for us!

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  1. I'm very impressed. I love meal planning but Josh is really not on board with it. I used to do the cooking once a month thing too. It has its pros and cons, but I liked it for a couple of dinners a week at least.