Saturday, July 11, 2009

Laundry Downsizing

The one thing I have done recently that has truly made our daily lives more simple is downsizing. I started with the clothes, because I felt completely overwhelmed with laundry.

With three kiddos and two adults it seemed as though the laundry was always in a huge pile somewhere. In fact, there were multiple piles of clothes in all stages of the laundry process. Usually at least one pile of dirty, loads in the washer and dryer, clothes waiting to be folded and the folded ones which hadn't been put away. All these clothes laying in piles and we still had clean clothes to wear!

I decided that we just had too much. Most of it came as hand-me-downs that were in good shape or friends getting ready for garage sales. It was in good condition and a good buy, so I bought! Even though it was a good price, it was still too much.

I went through everything and kept only 5-6 play outfits for each child and 4 dressier outfits per child as well. They basically have a play outfit for each day of the week and a nice outfit for church. They can wear the dress outfits once a month to church and also for other outings that require them.

I also got rid of a bunch of towels. Each family member now has two bath towels. One to use and one to be in the laundry. We use them for a couple days before they go into the laundry, also, which helps out. At one point in time, there were so many towels that I had a load to do almost every day.

It has been such a blessing! The laundry is so much more manageable. I can now do all of our laundry - even if most everything is dirty - in just 4 loads or so. This is a great improvement!


  1. Love that concept. Have you seen the hanging shelf things with the days of the week on them?I'm wanting to do the same with Ben's clothes at some point. He doesn't wear much other than a diaper these days, because the spitting up is so bad. Less laundry at least.

  2. I have used the M-F shelf in the closet and it does help. I used it a lot through the school year and it helped the morning routine a ton. The older ones are able now to go to the shelf and get a complete outfit and get dressed. Downsizing and the shelf has also helped with space. It makes for more room in their bedrooms, as they don't really need a dresser for clothing storage.