Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"I'm a good cooker, Mommy!"

This is Carter and his first culinary masterpiece!

Yesterday, Jackson and Carter were playing at our neighbor's house. I went over to check on them and while I was there, Carter came home. I assumed he came in to dry off or potty or maybe watch cartoons. I stayed at the neighbor's for maybe 15 more minutes or so.

When I came in the back door, I found him sitting on his knees at the table with one of my mixing bowls in front of him. He was so proud of himself! He pointed excitedly at his bowl and shouted, "I'm a good cooker, Mommy!" He went on to explain how he had poured the milk and the cereal all by himself and didn't spill anything.

It was so hilarious because he had used a good-sized mixing bowl, a huge serving spoon, and I'm positive there was at least a quart of milk in the bowl. The cereal box was empty and in the trash. The spoon was so big, he could hardly get it in his mouth! When the cereal was all but eaten, he asked if he could have more milk! LOL I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures.

He really does love to help me in the kitchen and he was just so pleased with his accomplishments. Carter is so precious. He's full of life and energy! Nothing he does comes as a surprise to anyone.

He, I think, is going to be the artistic one who is laid back and adds a little flare to whatever he does. Carter makes our home colorful and brings the excitement along. I love him beyond words and I'm so proud of the little person he is.

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